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ChocoVivo makes chocolate from bean-to-bar.  What makes the chocolate special is the way it is processed and the ingredients used.  It’s stone ground which is how the Mayans and Aztecs made chocolate over 2000 years ago grinding chocolate with a tool similar to a mortar and pestle called a mano and metate.  The chocolate is not over processed, thus, it’s not refined through rollers, conched, or tempered. ChocoVivo only makes dark chocolate.  There’s no milk powder, soy lecithin, or additional cacao butter.  From using only whole cacao nibs, to whole spices, the ingredients are as natural as Mother Nature intended our food to be.  We eat whole fruits and vegetables, why not whole bean chocolate?  Once you taste the purity of ChocoVivo whole bean chocolate that’s been made the traditional way – stone ground – you’ll never go back to regular chocolate or those powder packets.  Our mantra is Simple Is Better.

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